2016 was "the 7th year of my FIRST RUNALL7 challenge"
as I continue my journey to support Kids and Families with Autism. 
2017 is our Next CHAPTER....the BEST is yet to come!!

Services and education are both personal and dear to my heart as my 19 year old son was diagnosed with Aspergers at age 5.
Over the past 15 years I have seen firsthand what a challenging, dynamic, and yes life changing and rewarding, journey this can be for families - especially in today’s economic environment – and I am committed to helping others find their path to success. 

In 2010, my initial goal was to run the 6 world majors (NYC, Chicago, Boston, Berlin, Tokyo, and London) to raise funds to support Autism Research, Support, and Services.  After running both the Boston and London marathons essentially 1 week apart in April in 2013 and then finishing Tokyo in early 2014, I set a new challenge to run a marathon on all 7 continents of the world, thus the name of my running team – RUNALL7.

From 2010-2016 I ran 14 marathons (and many half marathons) and have now raised close to $150,000 for Autism charities on my way to my overall goal of 25,000/per year. 100% of these funds go straight to the charities, none of them are used for travel or race costs. While I may not be the fastest runner, I am definitely one of the most passionate!

In June of 2016 I reached the end of the Marathon challenge when I ran the Victoria Falls Marathon in Zimbabwe (pic coming soon when ) and I am now moving to finish a half marathon on each continent also!

2017 - The world decided that Australia and NZ were 2 NOT 1 continent...so I reset the goal to to "Runall8" 
I also set the goal to run half marathons on 7/8 continents with my kids, 3 down, 4/5 to go!

Below are the charities that I support!  Please consider a donation to them or make a purchase from our Ebay or Amazon sites to support them! 100% of all proceeds from EBAY and Amazon go straight to these Autism Charities.

Thank you for supporting kids and families with Autism!


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